Data-Driven Cleaning


Data-Driven Cleaning 

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Data-driven cleaning is the future of facility maintenance, combining the power of data and IoT to empower teams to work smarter instead of harder. Schedule a complimentary virtual meeting with one of our Facilities Solutions specialists today to learn more. 

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Data-Driven Cleaning

Improved Efficiency

With real-time data from strategically placed sensors, your facility team knows where they're needed most.

Reduced Labor Costs

Facility teams can work smarter, not harder, enabling them to accomplish more with less.

Less Waste

No need to change out consumables before they're empty. Less product is wasted, saving you money. 

Healthier Facility

You and your team are empowered to better meet standards of excellence in hygiene and cleanliness.


The leading data-driven cleaning solutions can integrate into existing facility management software. 

Reporting & Analytics

Robust reporting and analytics of facility hygiene, traffic, consumables, tasks, compliance, and more.

Continuous Improvement

The data provided empowers facility managers to gain valuable insights and make continuous improvements.

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Data-driven cleaning helps facility managers solve common challenges like high staff turnover and labor shortages, increasing hygiene standards, and expectations to cut costs and improve efficiencies. 

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Schedule a virtual meeting with one of our Facility Solutions specialists today. As a token of appreciation, we'll send you a $25 Starbucks gift card after we meet. 

Data Driven Cleaning white paper
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Download our comprehensive white paper, Data-Driven Cleaning: Guide for Facility Managers, to learn more about what it is, how it will benefit you, and who the major players are.

This guide was written for property managers, facility directors, and EVS professionals as a first step to understanding how data-driven cleaning can benefit you. 

Inside you'll find the definition of data-driven cleaning, the driving factors behind its recent market entry, the 10 key benefits, and a summary of the three leading players in the market.