Is your breakroom lacking the inspiration & motivation to keep employees productive?

Good business owners know that a stocked breakroom is key to keeping employees charged throughout the workday, as well as setting a proper tone for visitors. From straws and cups to cutlery, coffee, and snacks, we have all the supplies to keep your staff on top of their game.

Our partnership with  Green Mountain Coffee  and Coffee Mate means that there will never be a shortage of artisan-roasted coffee with all the fixings. And when it comes to snacks, we supply your employees with trusted brands that are healthy for them too, such as  KIND  and Nature Valley.   

And let’s not forget…staying hydrated is essential to living a healthy lifestyle. We provide the best dispensing solutions for any office or breakroom, so everyone can enjoy the simple and necessary benefits of water throughout their workday. Ask us about our various hydration solutions or your workplace. 

What are breakroom supplies?

Breakroom supplies can be typically broken up into four categories: coffee, water and beverage, food and snacks and paper products. Maybe the most critical breakroom supply is the coffee machine which then has several other supplies rotating around its orbit. Those include coffee grounds or beans, coffee filters, coffee mugs and more.

Other must-haves for the breakroom include bottled water, healthy juices, breakfast bars, snacks, paper plates, paper towels and napkins along with much more. Some of the most popular breakroom supply brands include Green Mountain, Kind, Dixie, Coffee-Mate, Poland Springs and Nature Valley among others.

How do you make a breakroom fun?

You make a breakroom fun by keeping it stocked with fresh supplies that your employees enjoy. Having the breakroom stocked with supplies like coffee and bottled water is a must. But then, try experimenting with new and healthy snacks on a regular basis to keep spirits up and the mood fun not just throughout the breakroom but throughout the office as well. People always like trying new things, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box when you’re placing your next order for breakroom supplies.

Popular Brands

Green Mountain Coffee
Coffee Mate
Poland Spring
Nature Valley

You can count on Office Basics to find a tailored solution to keep your breakroom stocked and your employees happy! We also offer customizable water and coffee programs to fit any size office.
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