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Sidekick Furniture Spotlight

Sidekick Mobile Work Pedastal

Meet your new work bestie. Sidekick mobile pedestals from Scale 1:1 are an all-in-one workspace that works the way you do. A trusted companion of the hybrid office, Sidekick’s pull handles make maneuvering and reconfiguring a cinch, while durable construction and locking doors keep valuables secure. Comfy seat pads create temporary seating where needed, with multiple configurations to suit every work style. Sidekick makes it easy to work, sit and store! Learn more with this informative video from the designer of Sidekick. 

Sidekick Mobile Work Pedastals
Sidekick Mobile Work Pedastal in doctor's office
Sidekick Mobile Work pedastal in lecture setting
Sidekick Mobile work pedastals in shared office space
Willow pull-up tables


Willow™ from KFI Studios is a pull-up table with a classic bent plywood design that will stand the test of time. Deceptively simple, Willow seamlessly integrates subtle details to add functionality. The angled base elevates your feet in an ergonomic position while the undersurface groove and wheels aid in pulling the table closer. Perfect for working on your laptop or tablet, Willow can be your portable work surface wherever you go. Featuring an offset design for overhanging chairs and sofas, Willow is available in a dark chestnut, ash, or white finish. 

Willow pull-up tables with wheels, various colors
Willow pull-up table in white
Willow pull-up tables in espresso
Willow pull-up table in natural wood finish