For people who spend their days working at a desk, there is no office product more important than the ergonomic task chair.

Expertly designed task chairs support the body and promote proper posture, reducing the chances of dangerous health issues incurred from sitting. Check out the task chairs below to find the one that best fits your body’s needs and your office’s workspace design.

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HON Solve task chair in yellow

HON Solve

HON Ignition task chair, light blue cushion, black trim

HON Ignition

HON Nucleus task chair maroon and black

HON Nucleus

HON Solve


Smart people deserve smart chairs. With three back materials, synchro-tilt control and an optional adjustable lumbar support, Solve answers the need for a higher level of personalization.

The 4-Way Stretch mesh back provides responsive support and a softer fit. The geometric ReActiv back flexes and moves with the user to provide a firmer fit, and an upholstered front can be added to increase support and thermal comfort.

Solve helps anyone achieve optimal balance and alignment, making it an ideal solution for everybody.

HON Ignition


Totally customizable to your needs, Ignition offers exceptional functionality with sophisticated materials for pinpoint comfort just where you want it. With a great mix of back heights and styles to choose from, it works everywhere. Just like you.

Who says you have to sacrifice style for comfort? Ignition's wide selection of frame and mesh colors deliver customized aesthetics to any lobby, office, or conference room - large or small.

HON Nucleus


You might notice that Nucleus doesn’t look like your typical office chair. That’s because it’s not made like an ordinary chair. The designer, Marcus Koepke, actually designed the seat like a hammock — there’s no seat pan, so you don’t have to worry about bottoming out.

The seat foam is molded overtop a mesh covered frame, so when you sit in a Nucleus chair your weight is evenly distributed, resulting in a more responsive sit and increased comfort. And now with an all-new, contemporary back and arm style by Deisig Design, Nucleus really has it all.

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HON Endorse task chair

HON Endorse

HON Convergence task chair, black mesh back, blue cushion

HON Convergence

HON Cofi executive chair in brown, high back

HON Cofi

HON Endorse


The sophisticated, geometric design fits everywhere, while the full features and customizable options fit everyone. Whether as an executive chair in a private office, or task seating in a workstation or conference room, there’s a version for everyone big, small, and in between.

HON Endorse is a wherever-work-gets-done seating platform you can comfortably sit in, and confidently stand behind. When looking to unify your space, there's only one name to know... Endorse.

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HON Convergence


What happens when support and affordability come together? Convergence. This is the task chair that is as attainable as is it comfortable, with customizable features such as your choice of a standard swivel/tilt control or an advanced synchro-tilt control with seat slide.

Lumbar support that adds a little extra lower back comfort. Thick seat cushions to take the stress off the lower body throughout the day. Arm choices that let you decide how much upper body support you want. A breathable mesh back that flexes and responds to your movements.

Convergence puts all the features you're looking for into one low-priced task chair. 

HON Cofi


You never get a second chance to make a first impression — so why not make a memorable one with Cofi? The sophisticated seating solution features a refined design, detailed stitching, and premium materials for a remarkably elevated feel.

Available in Executive (high-back) and Managerial (mid-back) heights, Cofi fits into any conference or meeting space throughout the office. With three user-friendly control options, you can enjoy smart support and the comfort you deserve - no matter how long the collaboration continues.

Whether you're calling the shots in a private office or presiding over a board meeting in a conference room, Cofi's variety of looks makes it easy to represent your company's image.





NATIONAL Karid task chair in cream


KIMBALL Joya chair in white


Active work areas deserve a chair that blends right in. With modern aesthetics and multiple back, base, frame, arm, and material options, Joya seating is a comfortable complement to any open plan setting.

With modern aesthetics and multiple back, base, frame, arm, and material options, Joya seating is a comfortable complement to any open plan setting. An ergonomic and sophisticated seating solution for active work areas, Joya is specifically designed for increased comfort. The side chair (armless or with arms) can be stacked for ease of storage. 



With function and form to support an array of working spaces, this task family offers a stylish solution. The Eager task chair provides comfort along with a crisp, clean aesthetic that is available in a variety of styles.

Adaptable to suit any environment, Eager offers task solutions with a variety of arm options, support features, and mesh colors, as well as base and frame finishes. Its modern silhouette, stylish contours, and ergonomic functionality allow this seating collection to easily integrate into any situation.




This executive seating line provides a luxurious option for conference or private office applications. The Karid executive task chair beautifully blends comfort and ergonomics with style and elegance.

Available in mid or high back models, Karid features an ultra-plush seat foam that exceeds expectations and provides supreme comfort. The curved back profile and horizontal channel stitch not only create a lovely aesthetic, but this combination of shape and billows delivers an uncompromising level of support.


 How to adjust an ergonomic office chair 

 An ergonomic office chair will allow you to adjust the chair height, chair angle and armrests in order to ensure both a healthy and     comfortable posture throughout the workday. The chair height is typically controlled by a lever on the right-hand side of the chair with arrows pointing up and down. Before sliding down or moving up, make sure your feet are planted firmly on the floor. 

In order to adjust the chair angle on your ergonomic office chair, there is a lever on the right that allows you to tilt the chair at a slight angle horizontally. This allows you to relax in the chair while reclining slightly while still maintaining good posture. Another key feature of an ergonomic chair is that it can be adjusted. We recommend moving the armrests up or down so that they fit underneath your desk. This position helps keep your arms relaxed and your body comfortable while working close to the computer. 

How to choose an ergonomic office chair

Five critical aspects of an ergonomic chair to take into consideration are seat material, seat height, seat width and depth, the backrest and lumbar support. Each of these features will relate uniquely to every person, but the general categories are the same across all ergonomic office chairs. From a height standpoint, you want to be able to place both feet comfortably on the floor after adjusting your chair. The lumbar support and backrest are also critical for long days working at your desk. It's important to also consider the amount of cushion or padding the seat material provides. 

What are the best ergonomic office chairs? 

We carry only top of the line ergonomic office chairs from trusted brands like HON who creates office furniture to stand the test of time. All our manufacturers design ergonomic office chairs to support the body and promote proper posture for people who spend their days working at a desk.