What is a modular Glass office wall? 

A modular glass office wall is a high-quality partition made of glass that serves as room dividers throughout an office space. These partitions are non-load bearing, interior walls that help a space to be divided up for any number of employees without sacrificing floor space and light distribution. As compared to a traditional office wall, glass office walls are more durable and help save on energy bills. 

why choose a glass office wall?

Glass office walls help lower energy costs by providing natural light to each office space and reducing the need for artificial or electric lighting systems. This allows your facility to reduce its carbon footprint and dramatically lower electric costs when compared to traditional office walls that do not provide the opportunity for natural light. 

What are The advantages of Glass Office Walls? 

In addition to saving money related to energy consumption, glass office walls also offer a modern look and feel throughout your facility. While working in a bright space as opposed to a darker environment, glass office walls help increase productivity, too, by allowing your team to be more energized in their environment. Glass office walls are also more durable than traditional office walls and will last longer while not requiring the same amount of maintenance. 

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