Restroom Dispensers

Level Up Workplace Sanitation & Cleanliness


Upgrade your washroom system with its reliable electronic hands-free dispensing. The NP-226’s sleek design and modern styling will improve the look of any washroom! The NP-226 dispenser’s efficient self-threading auto-transfer system and the transparent window will also help reduce run-outs and wasted product saving you on maintenance costs.


  • Hands-free operation, with a quick, smooth paper delivery.
  • Slot for printed advertising/branding.
  • Push bar makes for easy paper loading which saves time and labor.
  • ADA Compliant.
  • This dispenser comes with a push lever as well. This feature can be used in case batteries are not working.
  • Allows customer to still use dispenser.
  • No signed contract required.
  • Lead time subject to change.
  • 1 color option (Black) at this time.
  • Note, dispenser does not come with batteries. 4D batteries are required.

Dispenser Placement Recommendations

As you continue to operate during the COVID-19 outbreak, reinforce proper hand hygiene through optimal hand hygiene dispenser placement. Make sure to place hygiene equipment in easily visible and accessible areas where there's a natural flow of traffic. Employees and visitors should not have to go out of their way to access those dispensers. While we understand that every facility is unique, here are some guiding principles for areas in your facility..

Customer Facing Areas

Breakrooms & KItchenettes
Office Areas
Conference Rooms