Furniture Solutions

Inspire Healthy Workspaces with HON

As a leading manufacturer of office furniture, HON doesn’t just make professional and aesthetically pleasing pieces. They design their furniture to enhance the entire working experience. Furniture is specifically crafted with cleanable fabrics that keep your workplace a healthy environment. The versatility of HON’s cubicle systems affords the option to include protective privacy panels and screens. With these in your office, your employees can work safely and in style.  

two desks with a privacy barrier between them

HON has designed dividers and screens that seamlessly incorporate into workstations and cubicle systems. With elegant mobile and freestanding options, your décor stays en pointe, while your staff feels safe from infection. In fact, they’re created with cleanable vinyl or laminate—but these go beyond returning to work after Covid! Use these panels at all times to encourage private focus while still fostering collaboration. 

three cubicles with a privacy barrier between them

Traditional teaming stations are changing, regardless of current events. Cubicles are leveling up with tall panels that ensure privacy and help prevent the spread of germs. The HON Abound, Accelerate or Verse solutions have compatible panels that are easy to clean and disinfect. Glass options allow natural light in for a safe and pleasant work environment. Best of all, the flexibility of these systems allow them to be rearranged to accommodate changes to your office space.