Managed Print Solutions: Easily Save Money After Covid-19

You’re excited to reopen your business! But we also understand that as you get back to work, you’ll be looking for ways to cut costs after the Covid-19 pandemic. Don’t spin your wheels crunching the numbers—the solution to saving your office money has been there all along!

By using our Managed Print Services with Office Basics, we can save you 20-30% annually.

Best of all, we can do it while continuing to social distance!

The Office Basics Copier Benefits

When you partner with Office Basics, your benefits go beyond saving money. We make the entire process easy and convenient throughout the entire program.


Aggressive Pricing Programs


90 Day Deferred Financing Available


“All In Program” – A flat fee pricing for several models


“Touchless Control Panel“—Operate the unit from a desktop or APP without ever touching the control panel!


Live Streaming Demonstrations


Optimize present fleet to new work environment

How Does Office Basics Calculate Savings?

In a nutshell, your business falls into 1 of three 3 “Tiers.” Each Tier is based off the size of your workplace and the output of printing each month.

For example:

A small office of 20 employees might print 4,000 pages each month, whereas a large workplace of 200 can print 15,000 pages per month. That’s a big difference and each office will have different needs.

With state of the art technology and software, we assess your printing habits, fleet capabilities, and determine your Tier. Then, using this information we strategize a custom plan to meet your office’s unique printing needs. This plan is designed to save you the most money possible on workplace printing.

Are you ready for total savings on printing?

Discover Your Tier & Get Your Plan!