Pack The


Amidst the safety precautions you take inside the office and the stressors of the Covid situation, you can make your breakroom a sanctuary for your staff upon their return. Providing them with coffee and snacks shows your appreciation for their work dedication. It also enhances the feeling that life is returning to normal, which is a major morale booster.

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Cool Down with Cold Refreshments

Many offices are reopening their doors in during the heat of summer. Make sure your staff has the refreshing drinks they need to stay cool, hydrated, and refreshed throughout the workweek.

Hydration Station: Classics &
New Breakroom Favorites

When people think of breakrooms, they think of coffee. However, without hydrating beverage options for employees, their health and work performance will decline. Give them tasty options that will keep them hydrated and at the top of their game. .

Snack Stations: Satisfy all Employee Afternoon Cravings

One thing that won’t change when your business reopens is your staff’s afternoon snack craving. Stock up your pantry with their favorite brain-food to increase energy and productivity levels.

Coffee & Tea: The Perfect Caffeine Pick-Me-Up

Not even Covid-19 can stand in the way of an American’s need for coffee. Give your employees a selection to choose from so they always have that morning lightning-boost and the afternoon pick-me-up.

K-Cups: Convenient Coffee Variety

The easiest way to provide your staff with individual-brew coffee variety is with K-cups. This way, everyone can have their absolute favorite cup of joe and the clean up couldn’t be easier!

Creamer: Breakroom Coffee’s Best Friend 

Some employees like their coffee black. Some can’t stand the drink without a creamer. Make sure you have this coffee companion in your breakroom fridge to satisfy everyone.

Sugar & Sweetener: Perfection to Taste

From “light & sweet” to “just a packet” some employees’ satisfy their sweet tooth with sugar in their coffee. Try to have a variety of sweetening options, as different kinds will have different flavors (and people really do care about it).

Storage Solutions: The Essentials for
a Tidy Breakroom

Sometimes employees will have leftovers from their lunch or coworker’s birthday party that they need to pack away. Always have storage options in stock to ensure a clean, sanitary, and organized breakroom at all times.

Kitchen Essentials for a Properly
Stocked Breakroom

Most offices opt for disposable kitchen supplies to keep in their breakroom for employee convenience and easy cleanup. These are the minimal essentials you need to have a successful breakroom experience.

Household Staples: Keep Your Breakroom
Healthy & Sanitary

Kitchens are messy and your office breakroom is no exception. Of course, your janitorial crew will conduct a thorough cleaning in the evenings, but your staff can still keep up healthy practices. With these products, you can have constant surface sanitation and overall cleanliness.

Office Dog Treats: Fido Needs Some
Snack Lovin’ Too

Whether an employee can’t leave little Rex home or the manager’s Great Dane is the unofficial mascot, many workplaces now allow dogs into the office. Show them some love with treats on hand in the office.