Do you have a wellness plan in place? 

Providing a healthy and safe work environment is key to assuring your employees wellbeing is not compromised. Take a moment to review the questions below and schedule a consultation with Office Basics, so that we can help you implement best practices that help protect your employees and your bottom line.


Have you created a cleaning schedule for your workplace?

How about a deep cleansing to remove viruses and bacteria? We can help by providing non-toxic, eco-friendly products that meet the requirements for Covid-19.

Have you made a checklist of essential products?

You will need to keep the following products readily available to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your employees.

blue nitrate gloves, mask and sanitizer

woman working at desk

Do your remote workers have access to supplies that are needed to complete work assignments?

We can set up protocols that allow your employees to order these products and have them delivered to their residence next day.

Have you thought about repositioning furniture, breakroom and meeting areas to adhere to state and government guidelines for social distancing?

  • Materials that are easy to clean with bleach cleanable solutions
  • Consultation Booths and Wellness Dividers
  • Antibacterial, antimicrobial and non-porous work surfaces
  • Workstations positioned to accommodate social distancing in the office
  • Guest areas that offer sanitizer and masks
social distancing barriers and a hand sanitizing station