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The Essential work from home Supplies to maximize productivity

Work from home supplies are critical for maintaining optimal performance outside of the office. Working from home has been a new experience for many people during the Covid social distancing order. While some found it easy, others have had a difficult time of it. The difference between the two groups is their setups. Those who made sure they had these essentials had higher productivity and focus.

If you’re continuing to work from home or your career has become semi-to-permanently remote, it’s not too late to give your home office the basic essentials! We’ve narrowed down the list and curated these supplies for you. See what’s been missing in your home setup!.

The Perfect Home Tech Setup

Modern business runs on technology, and it’s more than just a computer. When you have the right tech in your home office, it’ll do wonders to facilitate your working experience. Here are the top products you can easily incorporate into your home setup:

Noted! Writing & Home Note-taking Supplies

Keeping notes of important tasks and reminders is key to staying organized. For a home office, these are the basics you’ll need:

Home Office Finishing Touches

There are some products that you wouldn’t think to put into your home office setup, but make a huge difference once you do. These are the items that improve your organization, visualization of ideas and tasks, and keep your operation running smoothly while working remotely: