The Complete & Essential Workplace Supplies & Products

If your getting ready to welcome your employees back to the office, then now is the perfect time to level up your gear! The products and supplies you have in your workplace directly affect the productivity of your staff. If you choose your supplies wisely, they can even the health of your staff—it’s true! When you fill your office with these products, you’re setting your business up to hit the ground running.

Antimicrobial Supplies

Did you know that you could help prevent the spread of infection just by using office supplies? But not just any office supplies. These are antimicrobial office supplies, which means they have a special coating that stops the growth of bacteria on their surfaces. They perform and feel just like normal office supplies, but secretly protect your staff.

Essential Office Supplies

Not everything can be made with antimicrobial protection, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t useful! In fact, all of these products will help your staff to perform daily tasks and boost productivity. Think about it: if a sales agent needs to write down important lead information on a sticky note, but has neither the paper nor the pen, then that lead is already dead. Stock up on these essential items for a smooth transition back into the workplace.

Lamination Supplies

If there’s one thing that truly makes a professional impression, it’s well laminated documents and information. Lamination is also an incredibly efficient way to protect company documents from spills, tearing, and other damaging wear. With the right lamination machines and supplies, your business and staff will seal any deal.

Dry Erase Boards

When your employees return to the office they’ll need to go to the war room (aka the conference room) to regroup and form a plan of action. Dry erase boards are an invaluable asset for brainstorming and goal tracking. With these at your teams’ disposal, they can immediately get organized and get your company on track towards real success.

Workplace Wellness Solutions

Antimicrobial products aren’t the only things you can have in your office to improve your employees’ wellbeing. Ergonomics are designed to help people work in their best posture and prevent work related injuries. Other cleanable products help to keep your workplace a sanitary environment, and that is truly essential.

Covid-19 closed many business doors, but we are here to help you reopen yours in the best way possible

It’s our mission to deliver the best products to workplaces in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. If your business is one of these states, trust us to provide you with everything you need to get your business back on the track towards success.


At your request, we’ll strategize a custom COVID Essentials Plan so your business is prepared for everything that comes next.