Hospitality Facilities Management

While in-person dining and travel is on the rise, so are the demands for increased comfort and cleanliness. Hotels, restaurants, and other businesses in the hospitality industry are having to provide better service than ever before while juggling staffing shortages, health and safety concerns, and reduced operating budgets. Our experts can give your staff the proper training and tools they need to control costs and provide the high-level of service your customers demand.

Did You Know for 90% of Restaurant Customers, Restroom Cleanliness Ranks Only Second to Food Quality?

For customers in a recent study, a clean, well-stocked restroom contributed greatly to how happy they were with their restaurant experience. Studies also show:

  • 67% of customers still engage in frequent handwashing
  • 59% use hand sanitizer
  • 50% of guests did not return to a business because of a substandard restroom
  • Restrooms were listed as one of the top 3 problem areas by facilities personnel

Do You Understand the Most Important Facility Issues Today?

Data collected from facilities personnel in a variety of industries, including hospitality, education and healthcare, revealed current concerns and buying habits:

  • 68% say product effectiveness drives the value when selecting products
  • Almost one-fifth are concerned about proper use of products
  • 37.7% reporting a decrease in operating budgets
  • 73.7% think facility image is important
  • 35% of facilities are LEED certified or are working on it

6 Ways to Save

Our product-savvy facilities strategists can help you decide which products are the most effective for your industry while helping you develop creative strategies for cutting costs:

Size Matters

Seemingly insignificant choices, such as the type, thickness and size of your trash liners, can yield big savings over time.

Don't Pay for Water

When you buy pre-mixed chemicals, you’re mostly paying for water. Mixing on site is both cost-effective and safe.

Control Your Portions

Let dispensers, not customers, dictate how much paper and soap to dispense, thereby reducing the risk of wasted product. Smart technology can even alert you when dispensers are low.

Be Strategic

Our staff training programs can help your employees figure out ways to complete the job faster, safer and more effectively, whether they’re cleaning floors or mixing chemicals.


Get Your Fiber

Microfiber, that is. Traditional mops just push dirty water around. Microfiber mops are highly absorbent and eco-friendly, reducing water waste while preventing the spread of germs.


Stop the Juggling Act

Managing multiple vendor relationships is time consuming, costly and unnecessary. One vendor can fill multiple needs, such as training, janitorial supplies, furniture and equipment.


Plus $100 FREE Janitorial Products
To qualify for a FREE facility assessment and $100 worth of free janitorial supplies, you must:
  • Have combined 5 or more restrooms, breakrooms and warehouse areas in your facility
  • Have 50 or more employees
  • Do the purchasing for your company


Learn more about how a facility assessment works and schedule your free visit today.

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