Custom Safety Products

Return To Work Safely—Your Way!

From the office to the warehouse, no matter where a person works, they don’t have to change how they work. Protecting staff members from infection and Covid-19 is easy when you provide them with safety products. Better yet, Office Basics offers customizable safety solutions. With the following items, your employees can go about their daily routines safely, knowing that your company is looking out for them. 


Antimicrobial Mouse Pad

Antimicrobial office supplies are excellent for preventing the growth of bacteria. With custom, high-resolution company branding, these mouse pads send a clear message: your company cares about its employees and their health. 

chase gold multi-tool-1

Safety, Touch-Free, Multi-Tool 

Introducing the product that truly gives you a no-contact experience. This compact tool can fit right on your keychain or in your pocket. It’ll save your employees from touching door handles, elevator buttons, keypads, and so much more! Brand it with your company logo. 


Custom Hand Sanitizer 

A hot commodity, hand sanitizer is essential to kill germs and bacteria that cling to hands. Put your staff in good hands. Give them an exclusive supply of hand sanitizer with your company branding.  


Washable & Reusable Cloth Mask 

Ensure that employees are protecting each other and your guests by wearing facemasks. Better yet, make them part of your professional appearance by branding these masks with your company name or logo. With layers of different materials, these masks are comfortable and effective at keeping your staff safe.

pin with two walkie talkies

Custom 2-Way Radio Kits for Essential Warehouse Workers 

What if you some of your employees don’t work in the office 

Warehouse employees can’t use privacy panels because they are constantly on their feet. KENWOOD ProTalk radios are the cost-effective solution that’s been customized specifically for warehouse workers. With these, they can speak and hear each other clearly while maintaining the right social distance at all times. 

Silent & Effective Social Distancing Reminders

It can be exhausting to consistently tell your employees and customers to follow social distancing protocol. So don’t! Let signs and floor decals do that for you. With the possibility of customization, you can keep your messages on-brand while maintaining a safe, infection-free environment. 


Floor Decals

If you’re in a business with waiting lines such as retail stores, food markets, or even general restroom lines, people will need a reminder of where to stand. Use these graphics to mark 6ft apart. Highly durable, they’ll last for months! 



The easiest way to remind employees and guests to practice social distancing and healthy habits is to use signs. Place these messages in strategic locations around the workplace, such as the reception are, outside individual offices, the breakroom, and in the restroom.