3 Signs It’s Time to Redesign Your Office Space

Posted by Norma Anthony on Jan 14, 2016 2:00:00 PM

Operating and growing a business demands your attention be divided into hundreds of different directions. Marketing, sales, service delivery, account, staff development, with so many important areas to focus on, your office space may seem like the last place you’d want to devote any of your time and resources. But, the truth is, once you’ve gotten your metaphorical feet off the ground, ensuring that your office space is providing the optimum environment to support your growth is vital.


Not sure if you should be considering an office redesign? Check out the three signs below:

It Looks the Same As the Day You Moved In

Unless you’re a brand new owner/tenant of an office space and just moved in, your office shouldn’t look the same way it did when you signed the lease. Companies evolve, ebb and flow and the space where that work happens should reflect this. Take a look around your office, does:

  • Your office design come from a different era?
  • Is it the same layout/design as the previous tenant?
  • Does it make you or your staff feel excited to be there?

While retro may always be in, it’s important that your office space reflects the future you want for your company, not the past of the office building. If you’re still using the space in the same way as the previous tenant, it’s time to redesign. They couldn’t have had the same needs and wants as your company and therefore, their space isn’t a perfect fit for you.

Most importantly, your office space should be a place that makes your staff welcome and ready to work. Leveraging the psychology of color, placement, and lighting can allow you to elevate your workspace.

The Buildout Planned at the Beginning Never Happened

Think back to the day that you signed the contract on your new office space? Did you have big dreams of what it could look like? With a receptionist area, kitchen for employees, enough conference rooms to accommodate your growing schedules, and even a lounge for staff comfort?

Did any of those things come to life in your space? It’s easy to jump right into the revenue-driving tasks, but if years after moving into a space and your buildout hasn’t been scheduled - it’s time to take a step back.

You decided on this space based on what you saw its potential was, not the way it was that day. Always strive to achieve that plan and if you haven’t yet, you know where to start.

You Have Space That Isn’t Being Used

Maybe you’ve done a great job of keeping your office space updated to the times, you have the overall layout pretty much set and you’re feeling comfortable. Take another look around your office space. Are there any areas or rooms that haven’t been used in a week or longer? What are those spaces?

You might have found that you didn’t need five conference rooms like you first thought or that the open office space isn’t quite working for your office. If you can find places in your office that are hardly ever used, it’s time to reevaluate how you’re using the same and to consider restructuring your space to use the most of your investment.

Making the decision to redesign your office space is exciting, thrilling, and maybe even a little intimidating. It’s important that your investment brings value to your company and that your staff are still able to work during the duration of the redesign. Interested in learning more about how you can achieve that? Download our free guide below!

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