Jul 1, 2021 8:52:16 AM

4 Ways to Show Appreciation for Remote Employees

A Harvard Business School Online survey showed 81% of workers would like to work remotely either full-time or part-time.

Many companies are giving employees what they want by transitioning to a hybrid model that allows them to work remotely at least one day per week. Other companies may have a percentage of employees who are 100% remote while the rest work in the office.

Regardless of your model, the increased number of remote employees brings unique challenges, such as making those working off-site feel just as valued and integral to the company’s success as their in-person counterparts.

Here are four ways to show appreciation for your remote employees:

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Jun 17, 2021 9:27:28 AM

Breathe Easier: Tips for Buying the Right Air Purifier

Ventilation and air quality became a top concern for facilities managers and building owners, especially after learning the extent to which COVID-19 is transmitted through aerosols or “infectious viral particles that can float or drift around in the air.”

To improve indoor air quality, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued ventilation guidelines recommending that building managers consider investing in permanently installed or portable air filtration systems in addition to optimizing their HVAC units.

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Jun 10, 2021 8:48:31 AM

3 Simple Tips to Increase Productivity and Workplace Happiness

We all know money can’t buy love ⁠— the Beatles have a whole song about it. As it turns out, it can’t entirely buy workplace happiness either.

More and more employees are eschewing larger paychecks in favor of a culture that makes them feel valued and appreciated.

Companies, on the other hand, are eagerly seeking creative ways to cultivate a more positive company culture and improve workplace happiness. After all, a happy employee is a productive employee.

The good news is that some of these solutions don’t cost a dime.

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May 20, 2021 10:58:09 AM

Essential Office Supplies for Reopening

In our recent Return-to-Work survey, 99% of respondents said they planned to return to the office at least part of the time, yet well over half felt only “moderately comfortable” about doing so.

Many of the big tech companies who’ve been leading the charge on reopening are eager to get back to the office. Google will reopen its doors ahead of schedule.

In addition to new safety measures, office and facilities managers are busy creating remote work policies, updating time-off procedures and creating strategies to increase workplace happiness and engagement overall.

When it comes to your COVID recovery plan, no detail is too small, which is why your office supplies must include the following to help employees feel safe and excited to come back to the office.

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May 13, 2021 9:02:57 AM

3 Employee Engagement Strategies to Bring Them Back to the Office


Did you know that half of all employees on the North American continent plan to look for another job in 2021? The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) is calling it a “turnover tsunami.”

Now that things are slowly returning to some semblance of normality, there are more jobs. This means employees no longer have to stay in a role because the economy is bad, which is one of the reasons companies are eager to implement effective employee engagement strategies.

What’s even more frightening is that top talent will probably be the first to go because it’s easier for them to find work. If the pandemic didn’t inspire you to put some serious focus on employee engagement and retention, it’s not too late.

We’ve outlined three strategies for not only bringing your employees back to the office but convincing them to stay.

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Apr 27, 2021 4:49:49 PM

The Office Manager's Return to Work Plan

The vast majority of workers look forward to going back to the office this year — at least part of the time — but many employees still have a lot of reservations.

According to a recent survey we conducted at Office Basics, 58% of respondents expressed only feeling moderate comfort returning to the office while another 7% feel “extremely concerned.”

Does your return-to-work plan have what it takes to help employees feel safe and comfortable in the office?

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