5 Questions to Ask Your Employees Before An Office Redesign

Posted by Norma Anthony on May 12, 2016 2:33:00 PM

When contemplating an office redesign, there are many factors you need to take into consideration. You have to decide on office furniture, the wall color, and the decor. Along with all these crucial design elements, you can’t overlook the opinions of your employees.

Some employees may be more introverted and need a quiet space to work on a task while others may thrive in an open, collaborative work environment. Considering your employees’ diverse needs when designing an office will help maximize productivity and foster creativity.


Take a look at these five questions you should ask to include your employees in an office redesign.

1. What is one thing you would change in the office?

Some of your employees may have specific things they would like to change about the current office space. Maybe, they would like more comfortable furniture in the company break room, so they can relax when they step away from their work. Or, perhaps, they’d like to have more private areas added where they can concentrate and have some quiet time.

Listen to their concerns and requests, so that you can make sure the new space has something for everyone. You can’t make everyone’s preferences a reality, but getting an idea of what each employee would like to see will be beneficial in the long run.

2. Is your work style more collaborative or independent?

Send out a survey to all employees and ask them if their work style is more collaborative or if they tend to work independently. Getting a feel of all your employees’ preferences will help you decide on the design and layout of your office. Do your employees prefer to work as a team? Then, maybe, you should consider designing an open office space. Do the majority of your employees work alone? Then offering more private areas would be your best bet.

3. What is your preferred work environment?

This question helps you create a vision for your new space as a whole. By taking note of different employees’ preferred work environments, you can create an ideal work environment for as many employees as possible. If your employees aren’t a fan of cubes, think about taking down those walls! If their preferred work environment depends on their mood, offer movable walls that can be adjusted according to their preference.

4. How helpful is it to be close to your coworkers?

Some employees may like to work close to their coworkers for ease of communication instead of taking the time to walk over several aisles. Other workers might prefer being farther away from the rest of the group for better concentration and to avoid distractions. This question will help you gain a better understanding of how your employees work together and how you should organize desks.

5. Where do you spend most of your time in the office?

Each employee probably has a go-to spot in the office where they work most efficiently. If the majority of your employees work at different spots throughout the office, then you may want to take away assigned desks and allow your employees to move from work area to work area. Or, maybe, some of your employees need to have an assigned desk that they call their own, and they can only concentrate if they are in that exact space in the office. Ask your employees where they are most productive and use that feedback to ensure the success of your office redesign.

Including your employees in an office redesign helps them feel appreciated and recognizes their opinions. They’re the ones at the end of the day that will keep the company running. If they’re not happy, chances are your business won’t be successful for long. Keep these five questions in mind for when your office is ready for a fresh new look!

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