5 Reasons Why the Right Office Furniture Increases Productivity

Posted by Norma Anthony on Jun 6, 2016 9:30:00 AM

We associate many different aspects of the workplace with productivity: the amount of natural light, the layout, and the…furniture? Believe it or not, your office furniture can affect your employees’ productivity and workplace morale.

Think about it: they’re constantly surrounded by, working off of, and sitting on the office furniture. Nowadays, there are so many options for innovative furniture to keep employees engaged and focused. If you’re contemplating an office redesign, consider how your office furniture can improve productivity.


1. Comfort is key

Picking the right office furniture can be tricky. You want your office furniture to be comfortable enough that employees aren’t distracted, but not so comfortable that they’re taking a siesta by noon. Keep chairs upright and cushioned. We’re not suggesting you replace desk chairs with recliners, but make sure employees can achieve an ideal comfort level.

2. Boring is for the birds

When choosing office furniture, business owners may not even think about the furniture color, but it can make a huge difference. Vibrant, bright hues rather than dull colors will keep employees alert and focused. Furniture in dark, drab colors will only put everyone to sleep. Vibrant colors can also alleviate stress, allowing employees to focus on the task at hand.

3. Keep it simple

Avoid including bulky, overbearing desks that can dominate the office space and overwhelm employees. Instead, invest in more contemporary furniture. Simple, sleek furniture will contribute to a more aesthetically pleasing design and a welcoming office environment.

4. Eliminate clutter

Office clutter can increase stress and decrease productivity. Look for furniture that has built-in organizational features, such as shelves and drawers for storing paperwork and desk accessories. Encourage employees to utilize these features, creating a cleaner work space and minimizing clutter. An organized desk means employees can find files and items quickly and easily, streamlining work tasks.

5. Let the light in

It’s not just the furniture that matters, but also where it’s located. If possible, position desks and conference tables near windows so employees have exposure to natural light. During the winter months, incorporate soft desk lamps to keep the creative juices flowing. Although fluorescent overhead lights may seem sufficient, the glare and constant buzzing of these lights can distract and annoy employees.

Overall, you want to help employees feel comfortable and focused in the workplace. The less stress, the better. If employees seem stressed and unfocused, consider redesigning your office and choosing new office furniture.

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