Achieving a Modern Office with Design Planning Services

Posted by Norma Anthony on Apr 20, 2016 2:30:00 PM

Want to modernize your office space but don’t know where to start? Consider using a design planning service to help you create your dream modern work space. Design planning services provide expert advice and support in helping you reinvent your current space.


Whether you’re reconfiguring an existing office space or outfitting a new space, design planning services can simplify the process by helping you design a more modern, functional work environment. To illustrate the numerous benefits of bringing in design planning services, here’s a step-by-step process of how it works.

1) Consultation

The first step in any design process is consultation. A design planning service provides specialists to help evaluate your organization’s needs. During a consultation, you can discuss your plans for the space with professionals.

These hired professionals have extensive experience in designing office spaces and can help you create an modern office design that will stimulate creativity, foster communication, and improve productivity. They will work with you to identify your business objectives and help you build a work environment that will ensure your continued success. They will analyze your current space and floor plan and determine what needs to be done to maximize the space.

2) Brainstorm

After you’ve discussed your vision for your office space, you can start brainstorming with designers and contractors. During this step, a design planning service will put together a layout based on your feedback from the consultation process. They’ll ensure that the design and layout fits your company’s specific requirements while also making the most of the space available.

You’ll have a chance to tour showrooms and test out office furniture in person, ensuring that everything fits your new space and appeals to your design tastes. You can discover the wonders of movable work furniture and ensure that all design elements work together for a cohesive look. 

3) Design

During the crucial creative design process, 2D and 3D concepts based on your layouts are produced, and the full scope of work and pricing is broken down by item. You can finally see your creative vision come to life and make any necessary adjustments. Design planning services will ensure that the office design showcases your company’s personality and creates an aesthetically inviting workplace.

4) Installation

Finally, the last step in this process: installation. Installation is completed with specially trained interior experts and installers. Design planning services will provide all of the tools and people you need for a smooth installation. They will ensure that everything is finalized so that projects are delivered on time and within budget.

A design planning service can help you design a modern office space that reflects your company’s culture, motivates employees, and improves collaboration. They’ll assist you throughout the process and create a design that meets or even exceeds your expectations. If you think your office is in desperate need of a redesign, OBBI offers a range of services to help you transform your office space. Contact us today.

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