Don’t Forget the Break Room When Designing Your New Space

Posted by Norma Anthony on May 5, 2016 2:00:00 PM

When designing a new office space, companies will often overlook the importance of the break room. Although you may not know it, the break room is one of the most important areas in any building, even when compared to conference rooms. A designated break area allows employees to get away from their desk for a little, take a breather, and recharge before returning to their work.

Your break room should offer a comfortable, welcoming space for employees. If you’re contemplating an office redesign, consider these four factors before designing the company break room.


1. Lunch Tables & Comfortable Seating

Typically, the main function of break rooms is to provide a place where employees can eat at work and also interact with coworkers. If employees want to stay in for lunch but also need a change of scenery, they can head to the break room.

When designing your company break room, you should consider incorporating comfortable furniture and ample seating. Including lunch tables, couches, and cozy chairs will help your employees take a mental break from the fast-paced office environment and will encourage workers to engage with each other. Once they’ve enjoyed some friendly conversation and delicious food in the break room, they’ll be ready for the rest of the work day!

2. Free Coffee

Nothing wakes your employees up in the morning like free coffee provided in the company break room. Keeping coffee readily available will increase your company’s long-term productivity and their satisfaction. Your employees will appreciate not having to bring in coffee from home or needing to stop at the local coffee shop on the way to work.

Coffee gives your employees a significant energy boost and prepares them for the work day ahead. Not to mention, coffee is a small investment for a large return in the office. Your employees will feel appreciated, and you won’t need to worry about dealing with grouchy employees who haven’t had their morning coffee yet!

3. Games

Placing games in your break room can keep employees actively engaged and help them de-stress. Games will offer a much-needed break from work tasks. Employees will have fun playing the games and can return to work rejuvenated. What’s more, multiplayer games, such as foosball or air hockey, encourage employees to work as a team and make for a wonderful bonding experience!

4. Celebrations

The break room is an ideal space for any company celebrations, such as birthday or holiday parties. By holding celebrations solely in this space, you’ll define the break room as a fun, relaxing environment where employees can come to unwind and relax.

There’s no denying that a company break room offers numerous benefits for both company owners and their employees. When designed with your employees’ needs in mind, a break room can improve productivity and workplace morale.

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