The Pain-Free Guide to Office Furniture Installation

Posted by Norma Anthony on Mar 23, 2021 10:54:14 AM


The office represents so much more than just a place of employment. It’s your company’s first impression on visitors and new hires. It’s also where employees spend one-third of their lives

Every element of your environment, from the layout of your space to the office furniture installation, influences workforce productivity, employee engagement, recruiting and retention.

While keeping up with top office design trends is crucial, when it comes to redesigning the office, a lot can go wrong.

Ill-timed deliveries that disrupt office productivity to the safety and liability risks associated with getting furniture from the loading dock to the boardroom are just a couple of the issues that could cause your project to go south.

Luckily, we have some sage advice to ensure your next office furniture installation project results in a pain-free experience.

Top 5 Tips For Office Furniture Installation

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1. Choose a Full-Service Furniture Dealer

Partnering with Amazon might seem like a quick and easy way to spruce up the office, but without the support of a reputable, full-service office furniture dealer, you run the risk of getting exactly what you paid for — a mystery box delivered to your front door.

Instead, consider working with a design specialist and installation crew backed by a dedicated customer service team for a more hassle-free, individualized approach.

2. Design For Business Outcomes

Ultimately, your investment in office furniture must yield a return. The best office furniture dealers pair customers with a design consultant that understands how form influences function.

Rather than an algorithm that shows you products based on your internet search history, your consultant will take the time to study workflows and understand the desired vibe and vision for the office.

Do you want an open, collaborative space? Are ergonomic chairs and desks high on the priority list? Do you need furniture that is light and easy to maneuver to accommodate ever-changing space demands?

Your design consultant will show you strategic office furniture products based on specific goals, preferences and the latest design trends.

3. Measure Twice, Order Once

It’s a new take on an old adage, but the advice rings just as true in office design as it does in construction. Designing office floor plans and selecting office furniture that reinforces workforce productivity requires a calculated understanding of spatial demands.

Without careful size considerations, you could end up with bulky office furniture that doesn’t fit the floorplan (not to mention expensive return and restocking fees).

In addition to guiding office and facilities managers through furniture selection, your design consultant will also analyze office square footage, identify opportunities to maximize floorplan space, and ensure that products are sized accordingly.

4. Test Drive It Before You Buy It

Even with the proper measurements and professional design support, the only way to ensure that you love your new office space is to see it put together before you make final purchasing decisions.

A full-service office furniture dealer can provide workflow mock-up renderings that allow you to see the design concept as it will appear in real life. Furthermore, these drawings will provide explicit direction for installation to ensure the utmost safety and efficiency.

5. Use A Qualified Office Furniture Installation Team

Once again, this is where full-service office furniture dealers pay dividends. Industry-leading dealers recognize that even the best shopping experiences are quickly forgotten if office furniture installation becomes a nightmare.

To eliminate upheaval, your furniture dealer should provide a dedicated project manager to coordinate and oversee all installation requirements from start to finish.

It Takes A Team To Build A Dream

Bringing your vision to life requires communication and collaboration between numerous specialists in design, spatial analysis, and office furniture installation.

These specialists must be capable of collaborating with and communicating your design vision to outside teams, such as electricians, flooring installation crews and engineers.

A full-service office furniture dealer will ensure that all moving parts work together to create a seamless new office landscape and, most importantly, an environment that meets all safety, compliance and productivity requirements.

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